Step 3: Print and File Your New Mexico Divorce Forms or Custody Agreement

After you have completed the online questionnaire, and submitted your responses, you will be able to review and print your divorce forms or custody agreement. Your divorce forms or custody agreement documents will be sent to you via email (you will provide your email address during the online questionnaire). They will also be available on the My Forms page, enabling you to return at any time to modify your responses in the questionnaire and recreate updated legal forms.

Once you have printed your legal forms, you will need to sign them in the spaces required. Please note that some forms may require a notary signature. If a document requires notarization, it will clearly state this beneath the space for your signature. There will be an area for the notary to sign, indicating that you personally appeared before her, proved your identity and signed the document of your own free will. In addition, you will need to write-in your Social Security Number where indicated. (NOTE: does not collect this information during the online questionnaire process.)

To assist you with the process of filing the divorce forms or custody agreement documents with the court, a cover letter is provided explaining the various steps, and when to complete them. The price for the type of case you select does not include court filing fees. If you cannot afford the filing fee, you may apply for Free Process with the Court. Visit Free Process to learn more about requesting a waiver of filing fees.

If you have any questions about your legal divorce forms or custody agreement documents, or want to discuss the next steps for filing with an attorney, you may schedule a consultation by visiting Consult a New Mexico Lawyer. During the consultation, our attorneys can explain the whole process, including how to file an application, how the case is finalized, and what decisions must be made about your children. They can review your application to make sure it is correct, or even assist you with completing or editing the application for you.

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There is no law in New Mexico that says a person must hire a lawyer to get a divorce or complete a custody agreement. For many people, it makes sense to hire a lawyer, but for others, doing it themselves is a realistic option. At, we make it easy for you to prepare your divorce forms and file them with the court. Just follow the steps and instructions provided.

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