The Divorce Mediation Process in New Mexico

When it comes to divorce, working through issues with your spouse can be difficult. Even if you’re largely in agreement, you might find certain sticking points that you’re having a tough time negotiating. If you don’t think it’s necessary to seek legal representation, there might be another solution.

In this case, mediation services may be able to help. will assist you in scheduling a mediation session, which offers couples an opportunity to work together in an informal, relaxed environment.

What You Can Expect From Mediation

Mediation is a far cry from the formal setting most people think of when they imagine the dissolution of a marriage. Mediation is more like a discussion, where both parties explain their side of the argument so the other may consider their input and decide whether it’s appropriate to make a concession. As a result, mediation often works best for uncontested divorces.

Along with you and your former spouse, the mediation session will also involve an impartial mediator. This person is not a lawyer and is not there to take sides in the dispute. Instead, the mediator is a neutral third party that possesses knowledge of the law, which helps him or her keep the discussion on track. Sessions are timed, which prevents an endless back and forth.

Many couples prefer mediation since it puts the deciding power in their hands and not the court. Once discussions are complete, you and your former spouse will create a mediation agreement, which outlines your decisions.

Common Issues Discussed During Mediation

The goal of mediation is to find a solution to issues brought up by the divorce. This often includes the following considerations:

  • Whether spousal support is necessary
  • Who gets custody of the children
  • What will happen to the family home
  • What is the appropriate amount of child support

Facilitation is a similar option. While it works the same as mediation, you and your spouse will be situated in separate rooms and visited by the mediator individually during the session. Some couples find that this decreases any tension that may arise.

Our Support Ensures You’re Never Alone can also help divorcing couples in other ways. We offer divorce kits which provide information and support to file divorce documents on your own. We can also help you set up attorney consultation, which allow you to discuss your specific questions for a reasonable fee.