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According to recent surveys, the average divorce in New Mexico costs more than $10,000. That’s outrageous! Access to the New Mexico Family Courts should not be a luxury available only to those with the financial resources to pay attorneys.

At DivorceNM.com, we believe that making New Mexico Family Courts accessible is a necessary step towards allowing all families to move forward. So, we strive to help make the divorce process both affordable and seamless.

Our Mission

DivorceNM.com was developed to provide meaningful access to the New Mexico Family Courts without breaking the bank for a divorce or custody case.

While the court can provide you with the necessary documents to file for divorce, it does not guide you through the process. DivorceNM.com supports you in that process and helps you find the best solution for your family.

Our Team and Center

DivorceNM.com was founded by experienced New Mexico family law attorneys to support families who want to reduce the cost of resolving their  divorce or custody case. Our organization has contracted with the Family Law Resource Group, LLC to provide the best services for you to represent yourself in court (pro se) and complete your divorce or custody case.

We have a physical location in Albuquerque, New Mexico staffed by paralegals and lawyers where you can schedule:

Our Center also provides the resources you need to craft a divorce, custody or child support agreement, including:

  • A computer lab for you to complete your documents
  • Do-It-Yourself copy center to prepare your exhibits and copies for the court
  • Notary services

DivorceNM.com gives you the capabilities and the confidence you need to affordably take control of your divorce.

Start your process on DivorceNM.com today. Create your free, no-obligation account.

Separating hurts, divorce doesn’t have to.

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