New Mexico Divorce Filing Options

When preparing for a divorce in New Mexico, it’s best to understand all the options at your disposal. We/a> support couples who choose to represent themselves during a divorce. We also offer other divorce options to accommodate common situations couples face.


Pro se divorce simply means that a person is representing him or herself during the process. This option is ideal for uncomplicated situations or those where both parties agree about divorce issues. We offer three options for pro se divorces:

  • Divorce With ChildrenThis package is designed for couples with minor children in the home or children over 18 who have a disability and require ongoing parental care.
  • Divorce Without ChildrenThis package can be used by couples without children or those whose children are over the age of 18 at the time of divorce.
  • Custody & ParentageUnmarried couples with minor children or those who are expecting a child can use this divorce kit.

Our divorce packages take the information you provide via a questionnaire and use it to create essential documents. These documents can then be printed and filed to initiate divorce proceedings.

Mediation & Facilitation

If you’re able to work with your ex-spouse on a civil basis, mediation and facilitation can also be beneficial. Mediation is attended by the divorcing couple and overseen by a neutral mediator, who is trained to lead discussions regarding topics like child custody, division of property, and spousal support.

Facilitation is very similar to mediation, with one notable exception. Facilitation allows couples to remain separated during negotiations. Instead, the mediator will visit with each person on an individual basis and convey information until a resolution has been reached.

Attorney Representation

Certain divorce situations are best served by professional legal counsel. For example, if there are allegations of abuse or you and your ex can’t come to terms on property allocation, having an attorney to advocate for you is highly recommended. If so, we can put you in touch with a divorce attorney in New Mexico to ensure your best interests remain a priority during the proceedings.

We Support Couples On Their Journey

If you choose to represent yourself, we also provide attorney consultations to ask questions and have document reviewed. If you want more information before moving forward, please see our Divorce & Custody Guide.