New Mexico Legal Help: Divorce Without a Lawyer

Some divorces are exceedingly complex and require legal support from attorneys from start to finish. Other divorces are not quite as complex.

New Mexico law states that couples can oversee divorce actions on their own, that is without professional legal representation in place. If you choose to go this route, we provide access to essential divorce documents and will also provide insight on how and where these documents are filed.

What Pro Se Divorce Entails

Pro se divorce simply means that you are representing yourself during the proceedings. We lead couples through the process step-by-step to ensure they have the tools they need to complete the process. Steps include:

  • Prepare for Your Divorce – Our Divorce Intake Form features an easy-to-read checklist so you can rest assured that you’re bringing together the necessary documents.
  • Answer Questions – By answering targeted questions, we’ll know what forms to generate to help with your filing. For instance, if minor children are involved in your divorce, you’ll need to complete a specific form for that purpose.
  • Review and Print Documents – The answers you provide are then used to complete forms, which are available for printing. You will also be sent an email containing your specific forms. Don’t worry if you need make changes or updates, as all documents are accessible on the My Forms

Benefits of Pro Se Divorce

Divorcing on your own usually entails a much lower cost than working with an attorney. It’s also associated with less stress, since you won’t be required to attend a hearing in a courtroom.

Divorcing pro se also puts more power in the hands of the couple going through the divorce. This is especially important when you have kids. Maintaining a civil and respectful relationship between you and your former spouse will ultimately benefit your new family dynamic. This can sometimes be difficult after going through an adversarial divorce.

We Can Answer Your Divorce Questions

Just because you’re going through a pro se divorce doesn’t mean you can’t consult with a legal professional. We provide consultations with attorneys in case you have questions about filing or the divorce process in New Mexico. We can also put you in touch with a divorce attorney if you find your case is more complex than originally believed.

Begin the process by signing up for your account today. We also offer a listing of frequently asked questions to provide more information.