Step 2: Create Your New Mexico Divorce Documents or Custody Agreement

Once you have collected all the necessary information using our Divorce Intake Form and/or Child Custody Intake Form, you are ready to start your process. We take you through an interactive online questionnaire to create the legal documents you will need for your case.

How Your Legal Documents Will Be Automatically Generated allows you to affordably file and finalize a divorce in New Mexico, largely because you are the one doing the work. Our “on your own but not alone” platform walks you through an online questionnaire where you provide the information for the standardized and customized divorce forms you will need to file with your local district court.

Our online questionnaire is powered by sophisticated AI that transforms your checked radio buttons and typed responses into legal documents ready for signature and filing.

Navigating the Online Interview Process

If you have not already created a free account, you will be prompted to register so that you can begin the online questionnaire.

Instructions are provided at the beginning of the online interview process. Some questions also have a (?) next to them. You may click on the icon to view additional instructions that may help you in forming your response.

As you progress through the questionnaire, you will see green check marks indicating a completed section. You do not need to complete the entire questionnaire at one time. You may stop and save your work at any time. To pick up where you left off, simply log in with the username and password you created when you registered for your free account.

When you see green checkmarks next to every section of the questionnaire, the “Submit” button will activate. When you click “Submit,” you will be taken to a screen that allows you to preview the legal documents that will be generated. You may go back to change any response and re-generate the document preview with the updated information.

If you have questions about the online interview or are uncertain as to how you should respond to a specific question, you may schedule a free 15-minute consultation with an experienced New Mexico family law attorney.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve finished the online interview process and previewed your forms, there is nothing left to do but move on to Step 3: pay, print and file.

When you have submitted your payment, your legal documents will be emailed to the address you entered in the questionnaire (this may be different from the email address you used to create your free account). You may also access your documents through the My Forms portal.

You may update information and re-print your forms as often as necessary at no additional cost.

As always, if you have questions at any time during the online divorce process, you may consult with an attorney. Should disputes arise between you and your spouse, you may also seek mediation or facilitation services that may allow you to resolve conflicts without litigation and return to the online divorce process.

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