Online Divorce Assistance in New Mexico

In the state of New Mexico, it’s legal to represent yourself during a divorce. For uncomplicated situations, such as uncontested divorces, self-representation saves money and makes for a less stressful experience.

When in need of assistance for your online filing, we are here to provide help. We offer several divorce kits, each of which is tailored to a common situation that many couples face during their divorce.

How Online Divorce Works

While it’s true that legal counsel is a must in some cases, many New Mexico couples are in agreement when it comes to issues like child custody or property division. If so, we offer a convenient and affordable online platform to help you along during your filing. Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather Pertinent Information – We provide intake forms that can be downloaded and used as a guide when compiling information. These forms include information related to the home, your children, bank accounts, life insurance, and other divorce essentials.
  2. Complete Our Online Questionnaire – By answering our questions, we’ll be able to generate your specific divorce forms. Work can be saved as you go, so you won’t have to worry about completing the entire form in one sitting. We strive to make our process as simple as possible.
  3. Print & File Your Documents – Once your documents are complete, you’ll then be able to print and file. Your forms can be accessed on here, but we’ll also send you a copy via email. If you need to make changes, you can always come back and update documents. Once complete, you’ll need to file with the appropriate district court in your area.

What to Do If Your Situation Becomes More Complex

As you’re working through your divorce documents, you may need additional assistance. In this case, we can also help you choose an appropriate option to work through more difficult issues.

Mediation and facilitation allow you and your ex to make decisions in an informal, supportive environment. In both instances, a mediator will oversee the discussion to ensure it remains on topic. With facilitation, you and your ex will be placed in separate rooms, with the mediator conferring with each of you on an individual basis.

We Support Couples Throughout the Divorce Process

Learn more about our step-by-step process. If you’d like to get started, register your free account with us and select the divorce package that is most appropriate for your needs.