Dissolution of Marriage

In the State of New Mexico, a divorce is officially known as a dissolution of marriage. Although the name is formal, the process can be completed pro se—without a lawyer.

We are ready to provide the limited legal services you need to complete your dissolution of marriage without ever stepping foot into a courtroom.

Types of Dissolution of Marriage We Can Support

We provide pro se legal services. That means we support people who wish to represent themselves in divorce proceedings. Our “on your own but not alone” platform is robust enough to support couples who haven an uncontested divorce as well as those who have a contested divorce—with children or without children.

Our online tools allow us to create the legal forms you need, which may include:

In addition to the required forms, we also provide guides and step-by-step instructions to complete your divorce quickly and affordably.

Process to Complete a Dissolution of Marriage Online

You can start your divorce process at any time by creating a free account.

You may also like to learn more about how we work so that you can better prepare for the online questionnaire required to generate your Court-ready dissolution of marriage forms.

We also has an expansive compilation of resources, divorce guides and answers to FAQs. If you have questions specific to your situation, you may also seek as-needed legal advice during a consultation.

We have partnered with Family Law Resource Group, LLC to provide access to experienced family law attorneys. You may schedule your consultation online. Consultations up to 15 minutes are free. Appointments are required.