Cost of Filing for Divorce in New Mexico

The cost of filing for divorce in New Mexico can become quite expensive rather quickly. That’s why some couples choose to represent themselves during the process. Known as pro se divorce, self-representation is a good option for people with less complicated situations, such as those seeking uncontested divorces.

You can also secure assistance for your pro se filing. We help you locate and complete the exact forms needed to file. We also offer guidance if you have any questions, such as what to expect from the process or which documents should be included with your divorce application.

Standard Filing Fees for Divorce

While you’ll need to check with your local district court for specific costs, it typically costs $130 to open a divorce case in the state. There is also a $12 fee associated with e-filing, but you can mail in your documents if you prefer. If you’re unable to cover the filing fee, you can submit an application asking for it to be waived.

How We Charge for Services

Even if you’re dealing with an uncomplicated divorce, you might still have questions. That’s where we come in. We offer a few different services to cover common divorce situations:

  • Divorce Without ChildrenThis package is available for $195. We’ll ask you questions and use the answers to create specific forms, such as the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. We also help with spousal support and asset division.
  • Divorce With ChildrenThe divorce with children kit includes the above documents, but also helps with child custody, support, and visitation forms. The cost for this package is $295.
  • Child Custody & ParentageThis service is suited to unmarried couples with minor children in their care. For $295 we’ll help you complete the necessary documents for custody and visitation, parenting plans, and child support.

Compared to the cost for hiring an attorney, our pro se assistance is much more manageable for families on a budget. However, keep in mind that the above costs don’t include state filing fees.

Attorney Consultations Are Also Available

In the event you have questions about your filing, we also offer access to knowledgeable attorneys in New Mexico.

You can confer freely with a lawyer for up to 15 minutes. If you need longer, you can schedule a 45-minute consultation for $99. For $125, you can speak with an attorney for up to one hour. Consultations are great for answering questions about your paperwork, and paid consultations also entail a review of your completed documents.

If you’d like to get started, the first step is to register your free account with us. If you want more information before you move forward, feel free to read some frequently asked questions.