How It Works

New Mexico does not require any party filing for divorce to have an attorney represent him or her. When parties cannot agree on major issues, like how to divide property or who should have custody of the children, an attorney may be an asset. But, when you and your spouse are filing an uncontested divorce or can still work civilly to resolve disputes, you could realistically complete the entire process pro se—without a lawyer—all online and for significantly less than the cost of the average divorce. has developed an online system that allows you to do just that. Here’s how our system works:

  • Step 1: Prepare

    If you feel like your marriage cannot be saved, you may know you need a divorce, but then what? Your first step does not have to be retaining an attorney. You can prepare to complete your own divorce or file for custody. provides printable Divorce Intake and Child Custody Intake Forms. These easy to follow checklists  and our online calculators help you prepare for the online questionnaire process that helps generate the legal documents you need.

  • Step 2: Create Legal Documents

    When you are ready to start your process by creating a free account, our online questionnaire will walk you through many of the same questions on our preparatory intake forms. Your responses will be used to automatically generate the forms you need to file with your local district court. allows you to save your work in progress, so that you can complete the process at your own pace.

  • Step 4: Consult an Attorney (Optional) has a large collection of resources, including our Divorce Guide, to help you understand the divorce and/or custody process and what is expected of you as a pro se Petitioner or Respondent. But, if at any time during the online process you have questions about your divorce case, would like to know more about your options or want legal advice, you may talk to an experienced New Mexico family law attorney. has partnered with Family Law Resource Group, LLC to offer consultation, mediation and facilitation services.

    Please note: consultation, mediation and facilitation services do have separate fees. However, the flat rates we offer still allow you to affordably move forward with your divorce or custody case.