Family Law Legal Resources – For Divorce and Custody in New Mexico

Divorce in New Mexico doesn’t have to be a mysterious or frightening experience. You can help yourself get through it with a minimum of fuss by educating yourself about what the laws are, and what you can expect to happen. We have put together a collection of resources to explain New Mexico divorce law, and to give you answers to questions people often have about the process.


Divorce Legal Guide

Our Divorce Legal Guide explains the law involved with getting a divorce in New Mexico. Knowing about the law can help take some of the stress out of the process.

Common Questions

Do you have questions about divorce in New Mexico? Most people do. Our Common Questions section gives you the answers to the questions most often asked about divorce.

Divorce Articles

Our Divorce Articles will give you a broad overview of some of the important aspects of divorce in New Mexico, like child support, developing a parenting plan, and property division.

Divorce and Custody Calculators

In addition to the many resources within this website, we have made available Divorce and Custody Calculators to help guide you through the process of a divorce or custody and parentage case.

Our Blog

Do you want to learn more about family law to better understand your options for a divorce in New Mexico? Read our blog – written by our experts who know New Mexico family law.

Recommended Books

We are pleased to recommend a list of selected books as great resources to help you with your divorce and co-parenting. All book may be purchased through Amazon.

Our Partners

We are affiliated with partners who are ready to assist you with your divorce and child custody case, as well as organizations helping us provide this service to the New Mexico community.