New Mexico Divorce Kit

In New Mexico, couples can file for divorce without the assistance of an attorney. Pro se divorces, as they’re commonly known, can help these couples save time and money, while also reducing much of the stress associated with the dissolution of a marriage.

We provide support for couples who decide to go the pro se route. Our comprehensive divorce kits cover a wide range of circumstances and provide you with the essential information and forms.

How Our Divorce Kits Can Help You

We offer three different kits, each of which covers a common divorce situation:

  • Divorce Without ChildrenThis kit is suited to couples without minor children in their care. Forms include Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Marital Settlement Agreement, and Final Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.
  • Divorce With ChildrenAlong with the above forms, this kit also includes parenting plan, Child Support Obligation plus accompanying worksheet, and Spousal Support plan if applicable.
  • Child Custody & ParentageThis kit is suited to unmarried couples with minor children or children on the way. Forms may include Child Support Obligation, parenting plan, Child Custody Intake forms, as well as others.

Of course, some couples have complex situations facing them when dissolving their marriages. If so, you may need a higher level of legal assistance to help you along.

We Also Provide Legal Consultation & Representation

We can answer any questions you have about common divorce and custody issues. We provide a free consultation with a New Mexico attorney for up to 15 minutes. If you need more time for your consultation, we also provide 45-minute and 1-hour consults for a reasonable fee.

Some situations warrant full legal representation, and we can put you in touch with an attorney to advocate on your behalf in court when necessary. If your divorce is turning out to be highly contentious or if you can’t seem to come to terms with your ex-spouse about child custody or asset division, an attorney’s assistance is warranted.

With Our Support, You’re Never Alone

Learn more about how you can begin preparing for you divorce or look over our New Mexico divorce and custody guide for more information. We also offer answers to your frequently asked questions regarding divorce.