Uncontested Divorce

Statistically, very few divorces are actually mutual divorces. However, even when one spouse would prefer to work towards reconciliation while the other seeks a divorce, the divorce can still be uncontested.

An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties have no disagreements about the major issues involved in dissolving a marriage, such as:

  • Division of shared property
  • Child custody and timesharing
  • Child support

RoybalMackLaw.DivorceNM.com provides the resources you need to complete an uncontested divorce without a lawyer.

Why Consider a Pro Se Uncontested Divorce

There are many benefits to a pro se uncontested divorce, primarily lower cost.

With our online platform, you can generate the same legal documents required to apply for a divorce and complete the process with little to no assistance from a trained legal professional. New Mexico residents have the same access to the Family Courts’ e-filing systems that attorneys do. So, there is no reason to accrue hours’ worth of attorney’s fees.

Another notable benefit of a pro se uncontested divorce is reduced tension. Sometimes the presence of attorneys can heighten emotions and invite hostility between parties. When parties who have no major conflicts with the separation or terms of the divorce are able to continue to work directly with each other, they can work through the process faster and stay in control of their family’s future.

Uncontested Divorce Services

The one benefit that lawyers do bestow on any divorce is their familiarity with the process. An attorney knows what documents are required and how to file them.

RoybalMackLaw.DivorceNM.com allows you to receive that benefit without retaining an attorney.

Our “on your own but not alone” online platform allows you and your spouse to have the necessary documents prepared for you, and those forms are delivered with easy-to-follow directions to file.

Learn more about how it works. When you’re ready, click to start the uncontested divorce service you need:

Uncontested divorce with children
Uncontested divorce without children
If disagreements arise as you prepare for your divorce, you may still be able to move forward with a pro se divorce. We provide affordable mediation services to help you and your spouse resolve conflicts and avoid divorce litigation.

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