Step 1: Prepare for Your New Mexico Divorce or Custody Agreement

Separating from your spouse is a big decision. The implications for your future finances and your children’s lives are far-reaching, so you should not rush the process. We provide the tools and resources you need to plan ahead so that the legal documents generated set you and your family up for a secure future after divorce.

What You Will Need to Prepare for Your Online Divorce or Custody Agreement

Preparation for your divorce or custody case requires demographic information about all the parties involved as well as financial documentation. Information you may need to gather includes:

Personal and Contact Information

  • Full names and social security numbers of the filing and non-filing spouses and any minor children
  • Current addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Current employment information
  • Dates of birth
  • Date and location (city) of marriage
  • Date and location (city) of physical separation (if applicable)
  • Case numbers of any previous legal actions
  • Copies of relevant legal documents, such as:
    • Pre- or ante-nuptial agreements
    • Deeds
    • Wills
    • Powers of Attorney

Financial Information

  • Names of banks and account numbers for all checking and savings accounts
  • Names, account numbers, addresses and phone numbers for all institutions holding assets and debts, including:
    • Credit cards
    • Loans
    • Stocks and bonds
    • Mortgages and titles
  • Tax returns (last three years)
  • Pay stubs

If you and/or your spouse own a business, you will need financial information for the business as well, including tax records with a list of current assets and liabilities.

The amount of information required for a divorce or custody agreement can seem overwhelming. Our printable intake forms will assist you in gathering the necessary information.

Use the Divorce Intake Form if you are pursuing a divorce without children. Use the Child Custody Intake Form if you are opening a Child Custody and Parentage case or in addition to the Divorce Intake form for a divorce with children.

We also encourage you to check out our Divorce and Custody Agreement Calculators. These tools, also available as apps on iTunes and GooglePlay, will help you get a better sense of any child support and/or spousal support (alimony) payments that may apply to your case.

What’s Next?

When you have reviewed our intake forms, you are ready to start the process. Click Log In or Sign Up at the top of the page to create a free account. When you have completed the online registration, you will be prompted to begin the questionnaire. Your responses will be used to complete Step 2: create the legal documents you need for Step 3: pay, print and file to open a case with your local district court. You may complete the online process at your own pace. We will automatically save your work in progress so that you may return to it later.

Support Every Step of the Way

With, you can be “on your own, but not alone.”  Our interactive web platform and collection of legal resources allow you to complete a divorce that is simple, affordable and trusted. If you do have questions along the way, you may talk to an experienced New Mexico family law attorney about your divorce or custody case. Consultations up to 15 minutes are free. Appointments required.

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