Benefits of an Online Divorce offers the legal services you need to complete a pro se divorce with children or without children fully online. And, because much of the State of New Mexico’s legal system operates online, you may finalize your dissolution of marriage without ever needing to go to your local district courthouse. A fully online divorce affords a number of benefits:

Convenience By using an online platform to create the legal documents you need and submitting them electronically spares you the hassle of scheduling meetings at an attorney’s office and going to the courthouse. When you can file for divorce from your own home, you:

  • Do not miss work
  • Do not need to coordinate child care
  • Do not wait in lines

You can also start and stop your divorce preparation as needed to fit your schedule, not an attorney’s. Cost Savings “on your own but not alone” platforms allow you to maximize cost savings for a divorce by allowing you to get the divorce forms, legal advice and mediation or facilitation services you need for a flat rate. Compared to the average cost of divorce, an online divorce can save you thousands of dollars. Confirmation and Case Tracking When you use the State’s e-filing system, you do not upload a document, hit “Submit” and hope the right person gets it. The system’s menus ensure you are in the right place to submit divorce application packet and documents required further along in the divorce process. And, the system generates email confirmations for all document submissions. Because e-filing requires user registration, you create a username and password that allows you to login so that you can update information for an existing case.

Of course, even a fully online divorce will have pros and cons. Learn more about how our system works and explore the services we offer to find out if an online divorce is right for your situation. If you have questions, you may schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney right here. Consultations up to 15 minutes are free (appointments are required). Create your free account to get started.