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The emotional process of breaking up a family is never easy, but the legal process can be. And that’s our goal —to make divorce easy. We provide the information, instructions and resources that allow you to complete your divorce with as little or as much legal support as you need so that you can move into the next chapter of your life unburdened by extensive legal fees.

Pro Se Divorce in New Mexico

New Mexico does not require any party seeking a divorce to be represented by a lawyer. So, you may choose to seek a pro se divorce—a divorce in which you represent yourself in divorce proceedings. However, when you act on your own behalf, you are expected to:

  • Know the necessary steps to initiate and continue the divorce process until the judge signs your divorce decree, signifying the official end of your marriage
  • File all required documents, including any motions or orders, in the language and format recognized by the Court
  • Follow all protocols for appearances in court (if any)

Although this may sound dauting, you can successfully complete your pro se divorce with the right divorce help.

Pro Se Divorce and Custody Services

We provide step-by-step divorce assistance for filing a:

Our services are also available to unmarried parents seeking to formalize or resolve child custody matters. Pro se divorce services help you navigate the divorce process and draft all the required documents, which may include:

We also provide the calculators you need to determine appropriate amounts for spousal support and/or child support. Our pro se divorce services enable you to complete as much of the process as possible online.

Divorce Attorney Support Services

Even if you and the opposing party have an uncontested divorce, there are good reasons to seek legal counsel from an experienced divorce attorney. We provide those resources as well. We offer consultation services that include:

  • Attorney review of your divorce documents
  • Attorney consultation during which you may ask questions and seek legal advice

For couples or families who encounter disputes, you may also seek mediation services. Mediation may help you resolve issues and continue with the divorce process faster and with less expense than full divorce litigation.

When You Need Full Representation from a Divorce Lawyer

If you find that what you expected to be a quick divorce is turning into a battle at every turn, you may be better served by retaining a divorce attorney. We also provide full divorce litigation services if you need them.

Learn how to file for divorce in New Mexico and get answers to your questions. When you are ready, start your process. Create your free, no-obligation account today.