Divorce without Children

We/a> provide the limited legal support couples without minor children need to properly prepare and file the forms required to complete a Dissolution of Marriage (divorce) in New Mexico.

What Is Included in a Divorce without Children ($195*)

Our pro se legal services for a divorce without children include:

  • Printable intake forms to help you gather the necessary information needed to complete the process
  • Completion of documents required by both spouses, including:

    See “Sample Documents” below.

  • Live chat help during specified times
  • PDF of final documents for signing and filing

We provide easy-to-follow filing instructions and the ability to make unlimited modifications to your divorce documents for no additional cost. Registration is required to start the process, but you are not required to pay until it is time to print and file your Court-ready forms—i.e., after you have completed the online questionnaire.

*Please note: The Divorce without Children package cost does not include court filing fees. Filing fees average about $130 + $12 e-filing fee (optional) but will vary by district in which you file for divorce. If your income is below a certain level, you may be entitled to “free process,” a waiver of the filing fee. Ask the clerk’s office at your local district court for more information about free process to file your divorce without children.

Preparing for Your Divorce without Children

Even before you register and create an account, you can get prepared for your divorce without children. Download the Divorce Intake Form, which outlines all the information required to generate your divorce application and other legal documents to finalize the divorce. Once you have the information you need, Start Your Process.

Who May File for a Divorce Without Children

In order to file for a divorce without children, you and your spouse must meet the following conditions:

  • One or both of you have resided in New Mexico for at least six months
  • You do not have any children or your shared children are all over the age of 18
  • You and your spouse do not have any dependent children over the age of 18 with a disability
  • You and your spouse are not expecting a child

If you and your spouse do not have shared minor children but minor children may be affected by the change of family situation, you may need to file for a divorce with children. If you are unsure, you may schedule a free 15-minute consultation with an attorney to determine which type of case fits your situation.

Sample Documents

Additional Legal Support When You Need It

Live chat is included in our divorce without children package, but if you have additional questions or concerns, you may consult with an experienced New Mexico family law attorney. Consultations are available as needed at the following rates:

Appointments are required.