How We Guide You Through the Legal Divorce Process

Divorce law encompasses the broad spectrum of issues that arise when a married couple dissolves their legal relationship. Just as the relationship itself is complex, so is the process to end it in the eyes of the Court. Our “on your own but not alone” platform allows couples to move through the legal divorce process without an attorney, for a fraction of the cost of an average divorce. Our platform guides parties to consider all the major aspects of a divorce:

Conditions for dissolution of marriage Who may file for divorce in New Mexico, where and for what reason(s)
Property division Determining what is separate or community property and how community property (assets and debts) will be divided
Child custody and visitation Determining with which parent a minor child will live and how the child’s time will be shared between parents after the separation
Child support Calculating each parent’s child support obligations in order to determine how much one parent will pay the other to ensure your child still gets the benefit of two parents’ financial support
Spousal support (alimony) Determining if either spouse is eligible for temporary or permanent payments to alleviate financial hardships created by the divorce
Validity of prenuptial (or antenuptial) agreements Determining if a prenuptial contract is valid and the conditions for distribution of property apply

Every divorce is a unique proceeding, and the issues that are presented will be as varied as the couples presenting those issues. This platform is robust enough to customize your legal documents to fit your situation.

How We Guide Your Next Steps toward Legal Divorce

We create the court-ready forms you need to file for divorce in New Mexico. But to initiate your divorce process, you need to file those forms with the district court that has jurisdiction over your case.

We help you navigate the online or offline filing process. Your divorce documents are delivered with easy to follow instructions for filing your divorce. We also provide additional resources to better explain your filing options and (non-technical) e-filing assistance.

But with us, you are never really on your own. Through our partnership with Family Law Resource Group, LLC, we provide consultation services with experienced New Mexico family law attorneys. You may get legal advice specific to your case and formal review, correction or modification of your legal documents.

Your Guide to Representing Yourself in Divorce Court

Even for uncontested divorces, it is possible that parties may have to appear before a judge before the dissolution of marriage is finalized. And, if you are a party in a contested divorce, you have the right to represent yourself. We can help you prepare for that, too.

Our Divorce and Custody: A Guide for Representing Yourself in Court will help you through your New Mexico divorce or custody case by providing general information about the process, what to expect and tips to help as you prepare for your day in court. When you download this Guide, you will also receive a free consultation with a lawyer.

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