How to Use our Divorce and Custody Calculators

When you file for a divorce with children or child custody and parentage, the State of New Mexico will require you to provide forms that outline how your child(ren)’s financial needs will be met. The State uses two standard Child Support Worksheets:

  • Worksheet A is for “Basic Visitation”—when one parent will have primary physical custody.
  • Worksheet B is for “Shared Responsibility”—for parents who will share time with their children as equitably as is possible and practical

The worksheets implement standard calculations to determine child support obligations—both how much child support is owed and which parent pays and which parent receives child support.

Why Use a Child Support Calculator

While child support calculations seem fixed, parents may discuss before preparing their divorce or child custody papers who will cover certain expenses, like health insurance and day care, so that neither parent suffers financially.

Our child support calculators give you and your co-parent the ability to calculate different scenarios to find a way to share expenses and determine child support that works for your family.

These calculators are intended to be tools to help you and your co-parent find the best way to divide expenses and determine payment amounts. Estimates generated by these child support calculators are not binding, and they do not generate or get entered into the legal documents generated through our “on your own but not alone” platform.

Select Your Child Support Calculator

We provide two ways to access our divorce and custody calculators:

  1. Through our interactive online platform
    Once you create a free account, you can access our online calculator as well as start your process to file for divorce or file for child custody.
  2. As an app
    You can find our child support calculator app and spousal support (alimony) calculator app on iTunes and Google Play.

If you have unique financial circumstances and do not know how to enter them on a calculator, you may consult with a family law attorney to determine how (if at all) your child support obligation may be affected.

We have partnered with Family Law Resource Group, LLC to provide consultation services with experienced New Mexico family lawyers. Consultations up to 15 minutes are free. Appointments are required.

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