e-File Your Divorce in New Mexico

DivorceNM.com provides the limited legal services you need to virtually complete your pro se divorce. That means not only can you skip the courtroom to finalize your dissolution of marriage, you can skip going to the courthouse altogether when you choose to e-file your legal documents.

Why File Your New Mexico Divorce Online

We recognize that separation is hard, but divorce doesn’t have to be. One way to make the divorce process easier is to use online capabilities.

Every district court in the State of New Mexico uses an electronic filing system, and access is not limited to attorneys. Anyone acting on his or her own behalf has the same rights, responsibilities and access as a lawyer in their divorce case. The benefits of e-filing your divorce forms include:

  • Convenience
  • Confirmation of document submissions and payment receipts
  • Ability to track case status online
  • Ease of updating case and party information

When combined with our online “on your own but not alone” platforms, you can make your divorce easy.

Not sure if our legal services are right for you? Learn more about how our system works and the pros and cons of a fully online divorce to help you decide.

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Alternatives to Divorce e-Filing

We provide divorce e-filing assistance. However, if you prefer, you can still file your divorce by delivering hard copy documents (and all required copies) to your local district courthouse.

Please note that you may be required to pay an e-filing fee to use the online system. This e-filing fee is in addition to the filing fee required to submit your divorce application packet. Everyone—pro se parties and attorneys—using the e-filing system is charged the same fee.

e-File Divorce Support When You Need It

We provide e-filing assistance, and your district court’s website may also have links to training courses, detailed instructions for using the online system and a dedicated number for technical support questions. But if you still have questions, you may get the answers you need during a brief consultation with an experienced New Mexico family law attorney.

We have partnered with Family Law Resource Group, LLC, so you can schedule a consultation right here! Consultations up to 15 minutes* are free. Appointments are required.

*For consultations up to 45 minutes, use this link to schedule.

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