Divorce and Custody Facilitation Services

We were founded to make the divorce process easier and more affordable for families throughout New Mexico. But, when you are separating and redefining your family, there are some aspects of divorce that never feel easier.

Facilitation services, provided by our partners at Family Law Resource Group, LLC, may be what you and your spouse need to resolve conflicts and move forward with a pro se divorce, even if emotions still run high.

How Facilitation Works

Facilitation is very similar to mediation. A trained mediator will facilitate conversations and negotiations between you and your spouse in order to reach mutually agreeable decisions on contested issues.

Just as in mediation, the trained mediator is a neutral third party. They do not take sides or advocate for one proposed solution or decision over another. They do not actually make decisions but help you and your spouse brainstorm possible solutions and decide on the option that best meets your family’s unique needs.

Unlike in mediation, you and your spouse do not meet with the mediator in the same room. Instead, you each occupy a separate room, and the mediator goes back-and-forth to relay the other party’s ideas, perspectives and proposed solutions.

Benefits of Facilitation Services

Facilitation affords the same benefits as mediation, namely:

  • Control over your family’s future
  • By working with your spouse to reach decisions about contested issues, you, not the Courts, determine what is best for your family moving forward.
  • Cost savings
  • By avoiding litigation, you avoid significant expense in attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Facilitation also provides the unique benefit of problem-solving and decision-making support delivered in an environment designed to diminish emotional intensity and vulnerability.

When You May Need Facilitation

Facilitation may be a better option for you and your spouse to work through common divorce questions if:

In short, facilitation may be an ideal conflict resolution option for any couple for whom residual emotions may cloud rational decision-making about your financial future and/or your children’s best interests.

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