How to Start a Divorce Online in New Mexico

Most couples in New Mexico assume they need the help of an attorney when getting divorced. However, it’s possible to represent yourself in court during divorce proceedings, which is a good option for couples invested in working through issues civilly.

We have created a comprehensive online platform for this specific purpose. We cover many different divorce scenarios, including Custody and Parentage tools suited to unmarried couples with children.

  • Step 1: Getting Prepared
    Divorces look different for everyone. For example, if you’re divorcing with minor children in the home, you’ll need to consider custody and visitation issues. If you and your spouse own property, you’ll need to make considerations about property allocation. Think about the unique details of your situation before moving forward.
  • Step 2: Accessing Legal Documents
    Once you have a solid divorce outlook, you’ll need to locate the necessary documents for filing. We assist couples in New Mexico in accessing these documents thanks to our easy-to-navigate online divorce process. We’ll ask targeted questions about your situation and use your answers to generate the necessary forms.
  • Step 3: Filing Forms
    Completed divorce forms will be sent to you via email or they can be accessed on the My Forms Before you actually file your documents, you’ll need to locate your specific district court where the forms must be filed. You can also make changes to forms in the event situations change.

What to Do If You Need More Assistance

Even with uncontested divorces, which are often straightforward, questions may arise during the process that are outside of your scope of knowledge. That’s why we provide additional assistance to ensure your questions are reasonably answered.

We provide attorney consultations to provide information on what to expect, how long your divorce may take, and how to interpret specific documents. Free consultations can take up to 15 minutes, while 45-minute and 1-hour consultations are also available for a small fee. Paid consultations also entail a review of your documents, which provides peace of mind.

We Support New Mexico Couples During Divorce

If you’d like more information before getting started, feel free to review our online divorce articles. You can also download our Divorce & Custody Guide for further insight.