How to Find Divorce Help in New Mexico

Even when divorce is in the best interest of a married couple, it can still be hard to navigate. Along with the many emotional issues, you’ll also be faced with practical considerations involving legal matters.

For New Mexico couples divorcing pro se, or without legal representation, is here to lend a hand. We help couples locate the proper forms necessary to file for divorce. We also provide legal guidance on an as-needed basis, which allows you to tailor our services to your specific needs.

Types of Divorce Help Offered

We understand that situations vary greatly when it comes to divorce. That’s why they offer a few different divorce kits to address each couple’s needs:

  • Custody and ParentageUnmarried couples with minor children living in the state of New Mexico must utilize this option. This packet includes things like child support documents, parenting plans, and intake forms to help you determine which documents you’ll need.
  • Divorce With ChildrenWhen you’re married with minor children or children over the age of 18 with a disability, this package provides the necessary documents to file. Along with custody, visitation, and support documents, you’ll also have access to forms necessary to dissolve your marriage.
  • Divorce Without ChildrenIf you have no minor children or your children are over the age of 18, you’ll be provided documents on dissolving the marriage and dividing assets. You can also request spousal support forms if you or your spouse require additional information.

Legal Consultations Are Also Available

As you’re progressing through your divorce, you might find the situation is more complex than previously thought. If so, we will provide additional legal guidance to ensure you’re making the best possible decision.

A free 15-minute consultation addresses questions about documents and where to file. We also provide 45-minute and 1-hour consultations if you require further detail. Both paid options involve a review of your documents before they’re filed. That way you can rest assured you’re providing the right information to finalize your divorce.

Some couples are best served by professional legal representation during their divorce. If you discover this to be an issue for you, we can point you in the direction of a skilled divorce attorney in New Mexico to provide comprehensive support during the process.

You’re Never Alone With Our Help

If you still have questions about representing yourself in court, feel free to read through our online Divorce & Custody Guide. You can also learn more about what’s required to submit a divorce application.