Child Support

The State of New Mexico has simplified the issue of child support by instituting guidelines and standardized worksheets to calculate monthly payments from one parent to the other. Still, parties doing through divorce often have questions. We provide the services and resources you need to make sure your child has the financial resources they deserve.

What Child Support Is and Is Not

In New Mexico, child support is the financial contribution from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent to help cover the expenses of raising the child. Child support is intended to ensure each child’s basic necessities—food, clothing, shelter, medical care, etc.—are provided. Child support is not punishment of one parent either by the Court or the other parent. Child support is separate from spousal support, a different type of payment that one party in a divorce may receive to ensure financial stability permanently or during a period of transition into a self-supporting household.

How to Calculate Child Support in New Mexico

In New Mexico, child support calculations are based on the type of custody arrangement that exists between the parents.

Worksheet A is used for “Basic Visitation,” which is a custody arrangement in which a child spends less than 35{760a2140d4357033c0ca66aee542dc0b4ab14141eb337af43729a1443785097a} of the year (127 days or fewer) with one parent.
Worksheet B is used for “Shared Responsibility,” when a child spends at least 35{760a2140d4357033c0ca66aee542dc0b4ab14141eb337af43729a1443785097a} of the year (128 or more days) with each parent. Under this timesharing arrangement, parents more equitably share parenting duties, responsibilities and associated expenses. As a result, Worksheet B:
  • Calculates each parent’s child support based on 150{760a2140d4357033c0ca66aee542dc0b4ab14141eb337af43729a1443785097a} of the Basic Child Support Amount (BCSA)
  • Calculates each parent’s respective share of BCSA by the percentage of time the child spends with that parent

The parent with the larger share of the BCSA is owed the difference by the other parent.


All child support calculations include the following variables:

  • Number of children for whom financial support is required
  • Each parent’s gross income
  • Cost of health insurance premiums for each child
  • Cost of work-related child care

Child support may also include known expenses for each child’s extra-curricular activities, school tuition and/or treatment or other care services provided for special needs or pre-existing medical condition.

Child custody arrangements often change as children grow, so child support calculations may also need to be revisited periodically to reflect current custody and timesharing arrangements.

Child Support Calculations Made Easy

The factors included in child support calculations are known quantities. The formula itself is more complicated. But we make it easy with our online New Mexico Child Support Calculator and Child Support app.

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