Golden C Rules for Co-parenting

In a divorce case Co-Parenting is one of the custody options. In this the children will be able to take the benefits of having both the parents around themselves even after their separation on a regular basis. Although co-parenting is a difficult task to do after separation but it is highly recommended since this is the healthiest option for child development.

Specific plans are made for child custody. These plans can be made by mutual agreements or if it is not possible then by the judge and both parties need to follow these plans. Along with the plans set down by the judge and mutually agreed by both the parties both parents can also make co-parenting effective by following the 4 golden C rules.

Communication while Co parenting

After divorce your communication with your ex will be only for the sake of your children. For this you should follow a business- like approach, means there should be clarity and impartiality. You should leave your personal grudges aside and focus on what your kid needs at that time. Strong communication can be built when you both are patient enough to listen to what your co-partner in co-parenting wants to convey; understand the problem and then try to resolve the issues accordingly. Your communication should be such that your kids don’t get hurt emotionally. Bring the best out of you in co-parenting communication, as soon as your communication is strong your kids will benefit emotionally and psychologically.

Cooperation a necessity in co parenting

Cooperation is necessary in co-parenting even though you might be filled with the negative emotions with your former partner. But you need to understand that now your kids have two homes where he/she lives in and sometimes they need support from both parents, in such conditions you have to cooperate with your ex-spouse. The reason can be any like school work, activities, transformation and changes in schedule. In all these situations you should co-operate with your co-partner so that your child feels safe.

By doing this you are demonstrating your children that they are your prime concern than anything else and you are willing to do the entire possible thing you can in order to give them good parenting.

Compromises while Co parenting

Divorce is itself a difficult process and after this to work on co-parenting is not an easy task. Things will change completely as before separation you may have had control on the child living with you and now you have taken up co-parenting custody so you both need to compromise on certain points for kids interests. Co-parenting can be successful only if you are flexible according to the situations. For that you should first learn to respect each other’s boundaries. You should not bother how thing are going on in the other house when the child is with his co-parent unless the activities there are harming the child (physically or emotionally), just remember all you are doing is for the child’s future and his happiness. As long as your child is safe you need not to worry about other things.

Consistency in co parenting

The last golden rule for co-parenting is consistency. Consistency for kids means what they need in terms of meal, bedtime, homework, hygiene, exercise, school funds and pocket money. In co-parenting both should value the kid’s basic rights and try to create an environment where your kid doesn’t feel hard to live and adjusts comfortably.

Don’t argue about right or wrong with the kids instead of that talk openly with the kids and take a decision that is beneficial for their development. With consistent co-parenting, you will see how your child feels more relaxed and adjusts well even after your separation.

Keeping these golden C rules in mind and follow them in day to day activities you will definitely get success while co-parenting.

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